Jenson CV8 Mk3

Arrival Of Car
Arrival Of Car

Collinson Jaguar were given the task to restore a Jenson CV8 Mk3 that had been in the same family for a number of years, and held great sentimental value.
The car had been left standing for many years and the engine was partially seized, as were the brakes.
It was decided to completely strip the car of all mechanical parts and remove the body.

Body & Chassis
Body & Chassis

Various parts of the chassis structure were corroded, therefore the chassis was sent for shotblasting where even more corrosion was found in the floor pans, sills and around the windows.
New panels (where available) were bought. Other panels had to be fabricated.

While the body was off the car the gearbox mountings were adapted to replace the three speed Torqueflite original automatic gearbox with a Mopar (Chrysler) A518 four speed automatic. New gear linkage was fabricated to retain the original column gearchange.

Gearbox Fitted To Car. New Mountings Being Fabricated
Gearbox Fitted
New Mountings Fabricated

It was found to be cheaper to buy a replacement engine from Houston, Texas and have it shipped back rather than to have the original rebuilt.
Front and rear brakes were upgraded.
The Armstrong Selectaride adjustable shock absorbers were rebuilt.
Brackets were made to fit front and rear interia reel seat belts.
The Glassfibre body required major work, involving the repair of cracking and crazing before being painted.

Finished. Concours Winning Car
Concours Winning Car


This car has gone onto win the Jenson CV8 Owners Club Concours event 2 years running and has been featured in Classic & Sports Car magazine.



Arrival Of Car
Arrival Of Car
Seized Valves
Seized Valves
Cracked Dash
Cracked Dash
Body Removed & Chassis shotblasted
Chassis Shotblasted
Body Being Prepared
Body Prepared
High Torque Starter Fitted To Gearbox After Re-Shaping Bellhousing For Pinion
High Torque Started Fitted
Gearbox Attached To Engine Before Being Fitted To Car
Gearbox Attached To Engine
Car Returns From Body Shop Ready For Re-Fitting
Returned From Body Shop
Car Returns From Body Shop Ready For Re-Fitting
Ready For Re-Fitting
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