Jaguar E Type S1 Fixed Head Coupe

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On close inspection of this newly acquired car for a new client the car was not as good as it had first seemed.
After lifting back the inner sill trim, corrosion could be seen in the inner sills with the aid of a light and mirror.
Removing the rear wheels and underseal revealed holes around the rear suspension mounting panel and wheel arch. A magnet was used on various body parts and it was obvious that a great deal of body filler had been previously used
The decision was made to remove all exterior parts and strip the paint back to bare metal.
Sections were cut and removed in the bulkhead outer side panel and outer sills, which confirmed much corrosion around the engine frame rear lower mounting point.
All interior trim was removed and the full extent of corrosion was now visable.
A strip of metal had been cut from the lower tailgate panel and hole were found in both rear inner wheel arches.

Someone, somewhere knew the state of this car!

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All mechanical and electrical parts were removed from the car and the body was taken to Martin Robey in Nuneaton for extensive repairs, including fitting a new roof in place of the previous Webasto roof. The car was re-built using new panels where necessary, whilst still trying to retain the originality of the car as much as possible.

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Whilst the body was away it was decided that to go this far without checking all the mechanical parts would be foolish, especially as the history of the engine was unknown.
The engine was sent to Dennis Welch for a complete overhaul and upgrading to a higher specification. After much research by the client, a 5 speed gearbox was bought from in America.
The rear axle was stripped, inspected and all bearings, seals and plates were replaced. All other parts were sent for blasting and powder coating. Suspension parts were plated and the powder coated.

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The painted body arrived covered in a protection wax, and the process of re-building the car began.

The new 5 speed gearbox was fitted to a spare bare engine block and offered into the car. Some castings on the gearbox and bulkhead were marked where tight, then the engine/gearbox were removed and the marked areas were re-shaped.
After careful fitting/removing, there was sufficient clearance around the gearbox. Hole were marked and cut in the gearbox tunnel for access to the reverse light switch and gearbox filler.
The rear axle inner and outer fulcrum bushes were replaced with solid phosphrous bronze type bushes. Adjustable rear coil over Koni shock absorbers were used.
Cross drilled brake discs, upgraded pistons and brake pads were fitted. Drive shaft universal joints were changed.
Poly bush mountings were fitted to the front suspension, as were uprated torsion bars with an adjustable ride height reaction plate and an uprated anti roll bar.

Crossed drilled brake discs were fitted in the front, to match the rear, along with Willwood 4 pot brake callipers.
A new aluminium radiator and expansion tank were sourced from Ron Davies. An oil cooler with a large air induction scoop was fitted under the radiator. Uprated engine and steering rack mountings were used.

An electronic corrosion devise was fitted and the whole car was waxoyled in every conceivable place to avoid any corrosion taking place again.
A 180 mile road test was carried out, returning for frequent nut and bolt and level checks on the car, prior to the drive to Eric Suffolk in Nuneaton for retrimming.


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